Hello from Orba Travel Brokers

It beggars belief that we're here in February 2022 and, as a State, we're STILL not open for business!

Who would have thought two years ago that the spectre of Covid-19 would still be at the forefront of Government (in)decision! Yes, we are all very thankful that as a community, we've been kept safe and, in the main, sound (from a business perspective). But as a population we did what was asked, had our vaccinations, and looked forward to a February 5, 2022 re-opening to the world and the Eastern States. Yes, omicron is a different animal. But it, by all accounts, is a less intensive variant of this virus, meaning less illness, hospitalisation and ICU needs. We're vaccinated - we've been told we have to learn to live with this virus, yet just as we were to, our opening date has been taken away. So ... get booster-ed, and let's get open!

We're still here; we've in fact been busy in the past couple of years not only chasing, receiving and returning refunds, but we've booked many school groups in 2020, 2021, 2022 and even into 2023 - ALL travelling at this stage within Western Australia - and we've been looking after the travel needs of one corporate client, a valued client who's staff have travelled extensively on international routes throughout the entire pandemic! To all of you who have kept us busy - our eternal thanks and sincere appreciation for your levels of trust and support.

For the past 24 months we've retained our IATA Accreditation, enabling Orba Travel Brokers to maintain the ability to issue domestic and international airline tickets instantly. We've maintained our AFTA (Australian Federation of Travel Agents) Accreditation. We've kept our full reservations and back office accounting systems in place. All at not inconsiderable expense. All with the view that, at the pandemic's end, we would once again we able to properly and successfully restart our business.

THAT'S STILL OUR INTENTION - despite the moving goal posts, the moving endgame, as decreed by the WA Government.

If you've got any forward travel plans you can contact us as below. We'd genuinely love to hear from you!



Richard vanKempen       0400 226 918
Linda vanKempen            0408 581 569
Rod Davies                           0418 550 435 

You can certainly email either Richard, Linda or Rod at: 


Trusting we all continue to implement the necessary measures to stay safe and keep well.


We work collaboratively with our suppliers, not competitively.

Loyalty of staff and customers alike helps our ability to work through the pressures of corporate travel in a timely and accurate fashion.

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